Howdy there, my first name is Liam and I am the person behind this site. I enjoy posting about real estate property investing.

I started out as a beginner just as you and had almost zilch success in my investments. In fact, my very first 2 real estate purchases were a complete failure. I lost greater than I gained. But then, I didn’t fully understand most of the advice I’m currently talking about on this website, consequently the disappointment was anticipated from a holistic stance.

After dabbling in the real estate investment world at first without any success, I determined to succeed. I became determined to never throw in the towel regardless of the level of the difficulties I encountered. I chose to strive yet again but this time more seriously, and attempt again I did.

Now here comes the most exciting part. I enjoyed phenomenal success after diving into the real estate property investment world to acquire all the skills I had to have to attain something significant. I began earning big time, all as a result of that determination to not just gain the vital information I needed, but also to succeed. My first failure also played a crucial role in my success. It turned out to be a learning experience for me.

Any time I’m not here posting, I’m typically participating in meetings, gatherings, and heading seminars. When I’m indoors, I enjoy the company of my spouse and kids. We are one big blissful family.

The intent behind this blog is to discuss my experience so that you can benefit from my 5-year experience at no cost.